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"Other languages" links to desktop version instead of mobile
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If you select an "other language" in mobile version, it links to the desktop version of Wikipedia, and not to mobile version.

E.g. in you get to instead of - see screenshots attached.

The behavior can be reproduced under various browsers.

2022-01-02 01.png (705×726 px, 76 KB)
2022-01-02 02.png (471×569 px, 17 KB)
2022-01-02 03.png (574×699 px, 69 KB)

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The language selector in Mobile frontend is not UniversalLanguageSelector.

It can work on real mobile devices and mobile simulation mode on desktop, but not pure desktop.

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This is a known bug stalled on T156847. The problem is the API not MobileFrontend or ULS.