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Create MediaWiki page to link to CentralNotice banner
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In T300821, we will be running a CentralNotice "campaign" that invites Senior Contributors to experiment with, and share feedback about, the Topic Container prototypes we are building in T301139.

This task involves the work with creating the page that we will link in the CentralNotice banner.


Talk pages project/Usability/Prototype/Topic Containers will need to contain the following:

  • Instructions for the steps people will need to follow in order to experiment with the prototype(s) the banner has invited them to try
  • Instructions for where/how they can go about documenting and sharing the feedback they have about the prototype
    • Note: need instructions for sharing feedback on-wiki and via email (
  • Image(s) of the Topic Container prototypes so that people can see what they will be testing
  • Separate links within the same page for mobile and desktop prototypes


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I've filled in most of the page contents. See diff:

Once T301139 is resolved, I'll update the page with links to, and screenshots of, the mobile and desktop versions of the prototype.

Next steps
In the meantime, @Whatamidoing-WMF can you please review the page and make any edits you see fit: mw:Talk pages project/Usability/Prototype/Topic Containers?

This looks great.

Excellent, @iamjessklein.

With the page's content finalized, and the remaining work of adding links to the Arabic version of the prototype happening in T301597, I'm going to resolve this task.

ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)