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Provide a way to inject Codex tokens into WikimediaUI Base variables, while later are widely used
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One reality Design System has to face to provide a solid, consistent experience for majority of existing products is current usage and spread of WikimediaUI Base variables.


Provide a way to inject Codex design tokens into WikimediaUI Base variables, to basically disguise former under cover of latter in order to rely on continuous single source of truth.

Acceptance criteria

  • Cut a release of WikimediaUI Base variables with disguised Codex tokens and make OOUI use it without aimed-for breakages.

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ldelench_wmf moved this task from Requests to Needs Refinement on the Design-Systems-Team board.

WikimediaUI Base, with the current undergoing of adding deprecated tokens to Codex design tokens package, should be able to end up with importing Codex package and import (or copy) the npm compiled Less and CSS files. Build script alike Kartographer…

egardner lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Jan 23 2023, 4:44 PM

@Volker_E should we decline this task in favor of T334934 ?

@CCiufo-WMF I'd keep this a bit longer open as this _one_ patch here could relieve us from the waiting time in places like OOUI to transform over. If we see traction on the replacing WikimediaUI Base patches, we can still decline this one.