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PHP 8.1 Upgrade Performance <-> SRE Service Ops coordination
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Request Type: project support request
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Request Title: PHP 8.1 upgrade

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  • Ideal Delivery Date: We'd like to take advantage of the current momentum since we just updated to 7.4.
  • Stakeholders: : SRE service ops

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@larissagaulia, @kchapman, @DAbad: Could the Foundational Technology Request folks please, in general, semantically connect related Phab tickets via Edit Related Tasks..., so related tasks don't remain completely disconnected? This also allows having a nice dependency graph. Thanks a lot.

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I got an answer after the meeting and reached out to @akosiaris directly to coordinate with him. We will schedule the SRE work for the beginning of Q3 (Jan 2023)

edit: Since service ops will be focusing on Kubernetes until the end of Q3, we will plan for having everything ready for them by beginning of Q4

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