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[SPIKE] IP Masking Considerations: WikimediaEditorTasks
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IP Masking will affect lots of our products, features, tools, gadgets, etc. This task is for tracking work to update those that are owned by Content-Transform-Team, ahead of IP Masking being enabled on WMF sites.

See T326816: Update features for temporary accounts, particularly What will be affected.

A preliminary investigation (T326759) has found that the following may be affected:

  • WikimediaEditorTasks

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Seddon renamed this task from IP Masking Considerations: WikimediaEditorTasks to [SPIKE] IP Masking Considerations: WikimediaEditorTasks.Mar 15 2023, 2:14 PM

After extensive testing on the Beta cluster, as well as the extent of the local testing I could perform, the WikimediaEditorTasks extension (along with all other extensions with which the apps interact) is confirmed to work as expected with IP masking.