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IP Masking on Android: Edit history
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Summary of updates

Outlined below are proposed updates to the Android edit history view to reflect proposed changes on desktop web related to IP masking work. Icons used in these designs come from T335694 and are subject to change based on updates from AHT.

Relevant links

Proposed designs

Edit history
image.png (1×720 px, 180 KB)
Design details

In edit count area:

  • 'anon edits' string replaced with 'unregistered'
  • 'anonymous' icon replaced with new 'temporary account' icon

In the list of edits and compare area:

  • For historical edits made by IP addresses: NO CHANGES
  • For new edits made by unregistered / temporary accounts: update icon from 'anonymous' icon to new 'temporary account' icon and show temp account name NOT IP address

Related affected screens

  • Updates to icons for unregistered/temp accounts should also appear in the diff view / on watchlists and anywhere else an unregistered/temp account user is referenced throughout the app


IP masking temp account icon
image.png (220×220 px, 4 KB)