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Update Notifications Project selection icons in the filter view
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The multi-select icons in Filters prompted a discussion about check marks being used to indicate multi and single select. This is a pattern inconsistently used in the app. We updated the designs in T342929 use toggles to indicate multi-select. We want to update the project filter for Notifications to use toggles to indicate multiselect as we did in filter.


  • @OTichonova Provide a link to Figma with the updated screen for notifications filter for projects
  • @scblr implement designs

Figma file, under 'Updated notification filters v7 (Aug 2023)'

Updated filters project page
Filters - Projects.png (812×375 px, 36 KB)

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@ABorbaWMF Should be testable on TestFlight in main app target: Wikipedia 7.4.2 (Build 2654)

I am moving this to Needs Code Review because I am not seeing this in the Beta