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Activity pane on front page no longer shows New Tasks by default after Phorge migration
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From IRC:

<Dreamy_Jazz> 	One thing that might be different is the Activity pane doesn't seem expanded by default. I can't remember 100% whether it was expanded by default before, but the empty space looks odd.
<marostegui> 	Dreamy_Jazz: It was expanded by default before, yeah
<marostegui> 	At least it'd show stuff
<Dreamy_Jazz> 	It does still show stuff if you click on one of the tabs
<marostegui> 	yeah
<jynus> 	I expect minor inconveniences to show up, it always happens on upgrade
<Dreamy_Jazz> 	^
<jynus> 	but as long as it is that, it is not a big issue
<Dreamy_Jazz> 	No problem with it being like this. Just wanted to report it.
<brennen> 	thanks, noted. we think this is an upstream issue that should be fixed with future updates.

Just creating this task since I couldn’t find an existing one (no upstream issue either), and I also use the New Tasks pane regularly and am looking forward to it coming back. (But it’s probably not the top priority 🙂)

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Event Timeline

Uhm. I see. At the moment I cannot reproduce with the upstream code of Phorge so I wonder if this is just something related to Wikimedia Phorge.

I see that downstream is not completely up to date with the stable branch of Phorge. For example this patch is missing at least AFAIK: but that seems to me an un-relevant change.

I'm not able to reproduce this problem locally with upstream Phorge at

But, even more interestingly, I've done a checkout of the branch wmf/stable from

And I get the same result. It seems to work in both cases. Same screenshot:

Test Dashboard.png (916×1 px, 225 KB)

Maybe @Dylsss would like to give an eye on this

Don't tell anyone that I would like to put this in production and collect its logs when visiting with ?asd=1

diff --git a/src/applications/dashboard/paneltype/PhabricatorDashboardTabsPanelType.php b/src/applications/dashboard/paneltype/PhabricatorDashboardTabsPanelType.php
index 831229bab1..0598057419 100644
--- a/src/applications/dashboard/paneltype/PhabricatorDashboardTabsPanelType.php
+++ b/src/applications/dashboard/paneltype/PhabricatorDashboardTabsPanelType.php
@@ -112,6 +112,11 @@ final class PhabricatorDashboardTabsPanelType

       $is_selected = (string)$idx === (string)$selected;
+      if(isset($_GET['asd'])) {
+        phlog("Tab view $name");
+        phlog($idx);
+        phlog($selected);
+      }

       $tab_view = id(new PHUIListItemView())
@@ -283,6 +288,11 @@ final class PhabricatorDashboardTabsPanelType

       $is_selected = (string)$idx === (string)$selected;
+      if(isset($_GET['asd'])) {
+        phlog("Panel entry $panel_id");
+        phlog($idx);
+        phlog($selected);
+      }

       $content_id = celerity_generate_unique_node_id();

Unsure if this should be a Sub-task of the migration (even if the parent is resolved) or just a mention. Feel free to disconnect.

valerio.bozzolan changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Bug Report".Aug 29 2023, 3:47 PM

I've examined 100+ Wikimedia Dashboards and... I also cannot reproduce here in production ._.

For example, this super-nice Dashboard from the SRE team has so many tab panels and it works perfectly:

complex Dashboard that still works.png (920×1 px, 268 KB)

I wouldn't be surprised if the workaround is: re-create the Dashboard.

OK interesting, I've limited the scope to just W6

Since I'm totally not a virus but I'm a dolphin, maybe a lovely person may want to bless the user @valerio.bozzolan to be allowed to edit W6 (I say edit, but I mean inspect with my big eyes, without saving anything)