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Leveling Up: Scale to all Wikipedias
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User story & summary:

As a newcomer, I want to know about Suggested Edits and have the opportunity to "Level up" as I complete Suggested edits, so that I can successfully start contributing.

As the Growth team, I want to ensure we communicate about Leveling up features so that communities are informed and the release goes smoothly.

Background & research:

The Leveling up features focus on encouraging newcomers to progress to more valuable tasks. Ideas also include some prompts for new editors to try suggested edits, since structured tasks have been shown to improve newcomer activation and retention.

Acceptance Criteria:

Release to all remaining Wikipedias that have Growth features:

  • set release date: week of April 22.
  • Inform communities
  • enable leveling up features for all Wikipedias that have Growth features enabled. Only logged in users with "Growth features" enabled in notifications should receive the Leveling Up notifications.
  • Disable A/B test on pilot wikis (done in T336203)

Event Timeline

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Given that we have found positive results in the Leveling Up experiment:

And we resolved these post-analysis improvements: T348814: Leveling Up: try new task post-edit dialog (logic change to 3 suggested edits) T342819: Leveling Up: Improvements to "Get Started" notification

And added Community Configuration: T343288: Leveling Up: Community configuration for Leveling up notifications

I think it's time to scale this feature to more wikis.

There is one other post-analysis improvement task T348205: Leveling up: "Try a suggested edit" post-edit dialog Improvements, however this task represents a larger and still undefined effort. I don't believe it needs to block scaling, so I've moved it to be a subtask of T316699: [EPIC] Growth: Positive reinforcement - Iteration 2.

To be covered during the next sprint. I'll cover User-notice

I announced it in TN for a deployment starting April 22.