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[EPIC] Growth: Deploy Positive reinforcement features to all Wikipedias
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Read more about the Positive Reinforcement project on mediawiki.

User story:

As a new editor on Wikipedia, I want access to "positive reinforcement" features that help me understand my impact, level up to try new types of edits, and I want to receive encouragement from my mentor, because then I'll be more likely to continue to edit and deepen my involvement in the movement.

As an Admin on Wikipedia, I want the ability to enable, disable, and configure Positive Reinforcement features via Special:EditGrowthConfig, because then I can customize these features to work well for my community.


The Growth team focused on Positive Reinforcement in FY 2022-2023.
The Growth team will focus on scaling Positive Reinforcement features to all Wikipedias in FY 2023-2024, while also working on other annual plan priorities.

This project includes improvements to the impact module, strategies for leveling up newcomers, and a focus on personalized praise.

Deployment strategy:


Positive Reinforcement features are currently deployed as an A/B test on Growth pilot Wikipedias (ar, bn, cs, es).