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Move HtmlHolder from Parsoid to independent library
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We decided to prototype the HtmlHolder interface in Parsoid rather than a separate library, since for reasons discussed in the initial implementation will be tightly tied to Parsoid for serialization and deserialization. There are two main mechanisms we can use to decouple HtmlHolder:

  • Create a hook mechanism allowing the use of a "Parsoid-aware" HtmlHolder without including it in the generic library
  • Further work on T348165: Parsoid Rich Attributes phase 3 allowing proper serialization/deserialization of structed-data attributeswithout any Parsoid-specific knowledge

The relevant code for this is included in the DOMDataUtils class in Parsoid.

In addition, a subset of the DOMCompat and DOMUtils classes from Parsoid will be moved to the library in order to make it a generally-useful "html DOM manipulation in PHP" library. Some code from HtmlFormatter (T258964, T255586, T217360, T185726) might eventually be included as well.