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Deprecate and remove MetricsClient#dispatch()
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In wt:Metrics_Platform/Decision_Records/Deprioritize_Custom_Data, Data Products decided to move away from the monoschema approach. In order to avoid confusion on the part of our customers and accumulating technical debt, we should deprecate and remove MetricsClient#dispatch() and mw.eventLog.dispatch().

Acceptance Criteria

  • MetricsClient#dispatch() and mw.eventLog.dispatch() are marked as deprecated
  • All instances of mw.eventLog.dispatch() are removed
  • MetricsClient#dispatch() and mw.eventLog.dispatch() are removed (see T354822, T354823)
  • Any streams that were submitted to by mw.eventLog.dispatch() and associated datasets are marked as deprecated in DataHub
  • On-wiki mentions of mw.eventLog.dispatch() are removed

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Please scrub wikitech docs for mentions of mw.eventLog.dispatch.