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Build a tool to provide instrumentation development timelines
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Implementation task coming out of spike T354952


Build a tool/interface to provide instrumentation development timelines based on tags or task ids as search parameters.

Use Case

To establish Metrics Platform baseline of measuring time to data given the following success criteria:

decrease the time to data by X%

User Story

As a product manager, I want to be able to see how long development took for building a given instrument (or any project/task) so that I can compare expediency of technical approaches.


We know how long an effort takes from start to finish to build an instrument (applicable to any project) as long as we know the right tags or task ids.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Tool is publicly accessible
  • Tool uses available APIs to extract relevant data
  • Tool provides a simple form wherein a user can enter custom tags and/or task ids as inputs
  • Tool renders a timeline or table that shows start and end dates upon submit


  • Testing Instructions
  • Documentation

Technical Notes

In T354952#9497421, example curl commands make API calls to Phabricator's Conduit API and Gerrit's Rest API. Using these chained API methods, start and end dates can be pulled from Phabricator and code APIs (Gerrit, GitLab, GitHub) based on custom tags and/or Phab task ids.

We can use Toolforge and/or Cloud VPS for hosting this interface. See example projects like:


Depending on how we stand up the tool, we may need to request a new Cloud VPS project

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