bzimport set Reference to bz43126.
Raymond created this task.Via LegacyDec 14 2012, 11:57 AM
Jdforrester-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitOct 2 2013, 6:42 PM

This is now complete and merged, as gerrit 68615, and will go out (as an experimental option) to tomorrow. Congratulations, Tongbo!

Jdforrester-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitJul 7 2014, 6:36 PM

Re-opening as this is now unmerged.

gerritbot added a comment.Via ConduitJul 7 2014, 6:37 PM

Change 114529 had a related patch set uploaded by Jforrester:
[WIP] Add VisualEditor support

Jdforrester-WMF set Security to None.
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