Parsoid should set the prop parameter when calling API action=expandtemplates
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Currently, all expandtemplates calls result in a warning about deprecated behaviour, see api-feature-usage.log on fluorine.

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MaxSem created this task.Sep 30 2014, 11:58 PM
prop                - Which pieces of information to get
                       wikitext   - The expanded wikitext
                       categories - Any categories present in the input that are not represented in the wikitext output
                       volatile   - Whether the output is volatile and should not be reused elsewhere within the page
                       ttl        - The maximum time after which caches of the result should be invalidated
                       parsetree  - The XML parse tree of the input
                      Note that if no values are selected, the result will contain the wikitext,
                      but the output will be in a deprecated format.
                      Values (separate with '|'): wikitext, categories, volatile, ttl, parsetree

Change 164044 had a related patch set uploaded by Marcoil:
Bug 71490: Set prop 'wikitext' when calling action=expandtemplates

Change 164044 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 71490: Set prop 'wikitext' when calling action=expandtemplates

We should also request and extract the categories.

Other bits we'd like to get:

To clarify, the "we'd like to get" bits are things that aren't exposed by the expandtemplates API yet. We'd need to add them to the PHP API.

For the categories, there's bug #70196, and for the modules there's bug #67540. For the html-ness of the output I think it's better to open a new bug, specially if the current PHP API doesn't provide it yet.