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The title change seems to have repurposed this bug. The original title
VisualEditor: Math formulas don't display correctly after save (until page is reloaded) was a dupe of bug 36060 a dependant of bug 51565.

The current title does not describe current behaviour:

With VisualEditor formulae editing beta feature OFF. Formula are displayed as PNG's and can't be edited.

With VisualEditor formulae editing beta feature ON. Formula are initially displayed as PNG's they can be edited. As soon as they are edited they switch to MathJax display but with very garbled output due to Bug 61497.

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  • Bug 64572 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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MathJax is no longer supported. See T99369

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Sure, but the non-MathJax rendering options are also ignored.

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At least this should be forward compatible and support the MathML rendering mode... maybe it's not optimal to classify this as "Low" priority.

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This is a Parsoid/RESTBase issue. For caching purposes they don't serve different content based on user preferences.

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