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empty signature preference gives invalid default signature
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Author: pgf-wikipedia

The default wikipedia signature field, in preferences, is empty, and the "signature contains wiki markup" checkbox is unchecked. This combination results in a simple, valid, signature, containing a link to the user's homepage (hyperlinked from their username), and the date.

If the "contains markup" checkbox is checked, and the signature text field left empty, the generated signature contains the same simple text, but the username is no longer a link to the user's home page. Using such a signature will result in scoldings, and comment re-signing, by the sinebot.

If the text field is empty, then the supplied default signature should be valid no matter what. That is, the state of the checkbox should be irrelevant.

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: minor



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It looks like this has been fixed in rMWcf4213101939: Streamline/fix code by using short ?: and ?? syntax (November 2019), possibly in a happy mistake. The change in Parser.php affects the control flow so that when the given "nickname" is empty, we always use the default signature and ignore the "fancysig" option.

Also, between rMWdf7231ad8915: preferences: Signature validation (lint errors, user links, nested subst) (June 2020) and rMW0d53ca0bfb95: Fix exception in preferences when `nickname` is invalid and `fancysig` is on (August 2021), checking the "fancysig" checkbox while giving an empty "nickname" was not allowed in some configurations (you'd see an error message and the preferences would not be saved). This no longer occurs now.