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Send final reminder about signature changes
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This is the final message that will be sent to people notifying them that if they do not update their signatures by a to be determined date, the next time they attempt to sign a comment, their signature will be replaced with the default signature.

This message will be posted on the user talk pages of the people listed in the "People to be messaged" section below.

People to be messaged

The people who were messaged in T254616 whose signatures still do not meet the new signature requirements.

Message contents

  • Date when they will no longer be able to use their now-invalidated signature
  • What will happen if/when they try to save a comment with a now-invalidated signature

Open questions

  • On what date will signatures that do not meet the new requirements be replaced with default signatures?


  • A message containing the "Message contents" (listed above) are sent to the people identified in the "People to be messaged" section (above).

Event Timeline

Whatamidoing-WMF changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jan 12 2021, 6:12 PM

Nobody can make new invalid signatures. However, we haven't get disabled the old/existing signatures. There is no timeline to get this done. It could be years from now.

Trizek-WMF subscribed.