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Flow: archiving existing wikitext pages (tracking)
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Issues in Converting talk pages to Flow, whether by hand or in bulk by namespace.

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Why does the wiki page linked,, completely ignore the discussion at ?

The discussion specifically raises some points regarding how to have the archives Flow-able:

  1. The archives pages should be migrated to Flow topics as whole posts.
  2. It should be possible to split topics and messages, indent them, and change author. Those interested in a particular section of an archive would cherry-pick it and structure it properly, and then talk.
  3. History would remain with one of the posts. All other splitted posts would have a first history entry linking to that post.

However, to my surprise, the wiki page linked in this task description suggests moving archives to some place outside of Flow, and does not depend on any tasks related to refactoring discussions. This ought to be fixed.

@Quiddity @Mattflaschen The only thing left in this tracking ticket is subpages on Office wiki. Have we dealt with that and/or does anyone still care?

We should do T73197 anyway now that we're supporting bots more (e.g. Pywikibot-Flow), since it will be more important as we rollout.

All subtasks closed for years; closing