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Sprint extension may be causing weirdness with task views (open vs. all)
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When viewing details for a project there is a difference when using URL's... basically /view/123 and /tag/project show open vs all task defaults. Upstream cannot reproduce. vs.

These two views should be the same but the first is "open" tasks and the second is "all" tasks.

This seems hardcoded in the upstream:

$query_key = $request->getURIData('queryKey');
   if (!$query_key) {
     $query_key = 'open';

@mmodell's and my best guess is the Sprint app is doing something funny.

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Confirmed "All Tasks" view intentional default behavior for Sprint Boards. The side effect for non-Sprint Boards is an oversight. (No implementation of a conditional check for Sprint at this query key value assignment in SprintBoardViewController, lines 111-113.)

Also the navigation bar on the left side is slightly broken with the nice URL (the active menu item, workboards, is not selected).

In T90661#1070939, @Tgr wrote:

the active menu item, workboards, is not selected

That is T90770

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