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Revert notification could use a more constructive language
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A sudden notification of a revert by another editor feels like a slap on the face, and only serves to encourage or even increase the speed of edit warring between editors.

I was under the impression that this notification does not appear unless you are logged in to an autoconfirmed account. In theory, anyone who is autoconfirmed ought to know better than to edit war. Of course, the best way to prevent a revert war is for the person who is tempted to revert to edit collaboratively, by trying to salvage something (no matter how small) rather than reverting wholesale and thus triggering the revert warning.

Perhaps we could direct the user's behavior. "Your edit was reverted. Leave a message?"

I like the default summary in English Wiktionary: "If you think this rollback is in error, please leave a message on my talk page" Something alike is more friendly.

If we agree on the change of sentence, writing a patch should be good first bug.

The current phrasing is "Your edit on Foo was reverted."

Technically "Your {{PLURAL:$4|edit on [[:$2]] has|edits on [[:$2]] have}} been {{GENDER:$1|reverted}} by [[$5|$1]]. $3"
$1 - the username of the person who reverted, plain text. Can be used for GENDER.
$2 - the page that was reverted, formatted.
$3 - a diff link
$4 - the number of edits that were reverted. NOTE: This will only be set to 1 or 2, with 2 actually meaning 'an unknown number greater than 0'.
$5 - Page for reverting user. (User page if logged in, or user's contributions page if logged out.).

It looks like this, with a link to the diff, the reverting-user's userpage, and the talkpage of the revert-location.

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Well , I do not like his idea , for notification of edit revertion(at least to me) is an indication that the user has done something wrong otherwise he shouldn't be getting this message.
However , I agree with the fact that it could be made more user friendly. What I think is a good idea is to (at least) allow for reasons to be inputted so that users have a good idea as to why their edit was reverted. Yes , a more friendly way is also possible.

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