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DB master connections requested by Flow on GET/HEAD requests
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T94029: Spike: Avoid use of merge() in Flow caches

2015-10-14 08:49:44 mw1258 enwiki DBPerformance INFO: [GET] Expectation (masterConns <= 0) by MediaWiki::main not met:
[connect to (flowdb)]
TransactionProfiler.php line 307 calls wfBacktrace()
TransactionProfiler.php line 146 calls TransactionProfiler->reportExpectationViolated()
LoadBalancer.php line 546 calls TransactionProfiler->recordConnection()
DbFactory.php line 55 calls LoadBalancer->getConnection()
BasicDbStorage.php line 138 calls Flow\DbFactory->getDB()
BasicDbStorage.php line 160 calls Flow\Data\Storage\BasicDbStorage->find()
BasicDbStorage.php line 169 calls Flow\Data\Storage\BasicDbStorage->fallbackFindMulti()
FeatureIndex.php line 626 calls Flow\Data\Storage\BasicDbStorage->findMulti()
FeatureIndex.php line 413 calls Flow\Data\Index\FeatureIndex->backingStoreFindMulti()
ObjectLocator.php line 80 calls Flow\Data\Index\FeatureIndex->findMulti()
ObjectLocator.php line 55 calls Flow\Data\ObjectLocator->findMulti()
- line - calls Flow\Data\ObjectLocator->find()
ManagerGroup.php line 129 calls call_user_func_array()
ManagerGroup.php line 141 calls Flow\Data\ManagerGroup->call()
ReferenceClarifier.php line 114 calls Flow\Data\ManagerGroup->find()
ReferenceClarifier.php line 71 calls Flow\ReferenceClarifier->loadReferencesForPage()
ReferenceClarifier.php line 25 calls Flow\ReferenceClarifier->getWikiReferences()
Hooks.php line 1116 calls Flow\ReferenceClarifier->getWhatLinksHereProps()
Hooks.php line 204 calls FlowHooks::onWhatLinksHereProps()
SpecialWhatlinkshere.php line 350 calls Hooks::run()
SpecialWhatlinkshere.php line 293 calls SpecialWhatLinksHere->listItem()
SpecialWhatlinkshere.php line 96 calls SpecialWhatLinksHere->showIndirectLinks()
SpecialPage.php line 384 calls SpecialWhatLinksHere->execute()
SpecialPageFactory.php line 553 calls SpecialPage->run()
MediaWiki.php line 249 calls SpecialPageFactory::executePath()
MediaWiki.php line 662 calls MediaWiki->performRequest()
MediaWiki.php line 475 calls MediaWiki->main()
index.php line 41 calls MediaWiki->run()
index.php line 3 calls include()

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Change 247575 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie):
Stop reading from DB_MASTER

Change 247575 merged by jenkins-bot:
Stop reading from DB_MASTER

This patch got merged: there should now be no more DB_MASTER reads on GET requests.
DB_MASTER traffic went from 2392 to 979 QPS & DB_SLAVE from 499 to 1938 QPS (see more here:

Searching for '+channel:DBPerformance +message:*Flow* -message:*CentralAuthUser*' seems to confirm this.