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Math extension, chemistry packages
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The math extension supports TeX but it doesn't appear to support rendering for chemical equations (e.g., \ce{} is not rendered), even though it is possible for them to be supported, according to the developer of this extension (see the MediaWiki-l mailing list archive,

The proposal:

Screenshot 2016-02-04 12.30.17.png (1×960 px, 161 KB)

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is this a duplicate of T99497

This bug here is a request for (something like) the mhchem package which does "chemical equations", while T99497 is about (something like the) chemfig package, a tikz-based visual rendering of chemical structures.

This sould be easy to fix once we got rid of texvc and client side rendering modes. It does not seem that far anymore... the parsoid team makes good progress...

Well I haven't maintained my own MediaWiki site in almost six months, so not really, but you know this feature wouldn't just be helpful for me if I were still using MW, but it would also be useful for editors of the various Wikipedias as they cover topics in Chemistry.

Change 267241 had a related patch set uploaded (by Physikerwelt):
WIP: chem support

So should be ready for review now.
I think we should not merge this before the extended error handling for mathoid got deployed.

Change 267241 merged by Mobrovac:
Support for chemical formulae

... would that be useful for wikidata?

Bit late to this party but <ce> seems like a very short acronym to use for a tag name lists just a few things it could stand for (including at least two other things in the field of chemistry).

Could we rename to <chem> and make <ce> a deprecated alias?

@Esanders can you open a new task? I have no strong opionion on the tag name. However, keep in mind that <ce> ( currently only supports sum formulae, maybe chem should be reserved for strucuture formulae.