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Add support for parsed messages in ResourceLoader (push to core)
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Rather than load a JavaScript message parsing library, the mobile site pre-parses certain messages before passing them via ResourceLoader to the client:

We should add support to ResourceLoaderFileModule for this.
Implementor: Please be sure to talk to someone in editing and agree on the approach before pushing a patch.

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VisualEditor also does something like this, for messages which can't be parsed client-side (e.g. likely to contain wikitext templates).

@matmarex could we get together and come up with something that serves both our teams needs? It's now blocking T104474 :(

CONTENTLANG, SITENAME and int:mobile-frontend-search-content are the only things we parse right now. So we don't pre-parse anything which requires parameters (but the client wouldn't be able to translate these effectively)

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I am not a fan of MF's current syntax of 'foo' => array( 'parse' ). I think having a separate 'parsedmessages' key might be better.

How does the MF implementation deal with cache invalidation of links/templates in the parsed message?

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Hmm, losing support for message parameters looks like a pretty big caveat worth mentioning.