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AbuseFilter test tools does not work for Flow edits
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Try checking on a Flow edit here.

Actual: Doesn't appear.
Expected: It should work the same way it does for wikitext edits.

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Sorry, actually examine does work, it's test interface which is not working properly. See T116744#1757682.

In T115128#1757736, @Mattflaschen wrote:

Could you explain how you got to, just for my knowledge?

Through examine links.

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In rEABF32e2a7c27e9b, I tried to generalize how recentchanges are used in both interfaces for testing. Introducing some hook could do the trick (not sure if it would be enough, though).

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Change 445323 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daimona Eaytoy; owner: Daimona Eaytoy):
[mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter@master] [WIP] Make Flow edits testable

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The patch above only needs Flow to properly format our entry in /test (and maybe some adjustments for /examine). However, not only I don't know Flow code at all, but I'm also having big problems in making Flow work on my wiki.
I determined that Flow entries aren't shown because the onOldChangesListRecentChangesLine hook returns false. This happens for two reasons: first, here the change is excluded from the view. Second, it doesn't exists in this cache. I'm not really sure about what we should do: maybe change the RC entry on AbuseFilter? Or maybe add specific methods to Flow to handle entries in Special:AbuseFilter/test? I'd appreciate it if someone from Flow would give it a look!

This issue is preventing my abusefilter at MediaWiki ( from working properly. It'll be very nice if this issue could be fixed as soon as possible.

@Leaderboard Let's wait for someone who knows well Flow's code. Since I don't, I want to avoid to destroy everything :-) Also, we currently have several other bugs which require higher attention.

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It won't be wrong to say that this bug is the major reason for all of the spam on MediaWiki, and hence this should be urgently fixed.
All of the spam now comes from flow talk pages.

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@Leaderboard IMHO this isn't UBN! per Again, the patch above (which I'm going to rebase) is WIP because something in Flow codebase prevents it from working, and I don't want to mess with it. I also had several troubles in getting Flow to work properly on my wiki, and thus testing the patch. Developers/Maintainers says stewards are Growth-Team, and this task is already on their workboard. We should get someone from there to give a look to the patch.
This is also not UBN because filters still work -even though they cannot be tested-, and being myself a sysop on MediaWiki I can try to help tuning spam-related filters, I just need some time and examples.

@Daimona I'm sorry, but the filters don't work, at least filter 59 (flow variant of the hugely useful filter 12) doesn't.

@Leaderboard May I please have some spam examples which should have triggered filter 59?

@Leaderboard Thanks, I'm working on it (i.e. on understanding why filter 59 didn't trigger), while for testing flow edits we still need someone who knows Flow's codebase.

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Same problem on frwiki: edits on Flow talkpages do not show in Abusefilter Testing Tool.

And I can't make a filter work on Flow talkpages. So, without a working testing tool, I have no way to know if Abusefilter does not detect Flow pages *at all*, or if I only made a mistake in the filter :(

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Accepted, but I need to re-evaluate the priority after having played a little bit with Flow locally.