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See also T49721: Restore action=credits on Wikimedia wikis, which may overlap/duplicate.

Before the switch to tool labs (am I using the right jargon?) we had a nifty little tool on the English wikipedia that was much superior to what we have now under Top 50 contributors. (

By a simple click of a button one could check out ALL editors who ever edited a page sorted 8 different ways. This is useful when trying to gauge the activity level of w:WP:WikiProjects, and comes in real handy for someone like me who only very occasionally participates on a talkpage, but when they do want to have some background on the potential audience before making a total fool out of themselves.

The tool displayed the list of editors who had participated on the page. There were 4 columns, each of which could be sorted front-to-back and vice verse:

  • user ID
  • number of edits to the page
  • date of first edit
  • date of last edit

It was quick and rarely (if ever) failed, while the tool we have now lists only the top 50 editors, cannot be sorted, and is broken a lot.

Thanks for considering this proposal. Ottawahitech (talk) 19:18, 18 November 2015 (UTC)

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Doesn't this already exist as an extension? Perhaps it wasn't open source, but I distinctly recall having seen this somewhere. Anyone know?

It might not be feasible to do this on pages with really big histories (e.g. Wikipedia:Sandbox) for performance reasons.

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xtools-articleinfo does provide this functionality.
though we have to click on -More- at the first results page, to get more than the default of 30, and then repeat that if there are more than 300. (hence the 2 items in the example URL above for &editorlimit=).

If the list isn't displaying the complete set, then some of the table re-ordering links don't work properly (test here e.g. "first edit"), but it does work once expanded completely.

Ha. I knew there was something else, and this was not what I had in mind.

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NOTE: This task is a proposed project for Google-Summer-of-Code (2016) and Outreachy-Round-12 : GSoC 2016 and Outreachy round 12 is around the corner, and this task is listed as a Possible-Tech-Projects for the same. Projects listed for the internship programs should have a well-defined scope within the timeline of the event, minimum of two mentors, and should take about 2 weeks for a senior developer to complete. Interested in mentoring? Please add your details to the task description. Prospective interns should go through Life of a successful project doc to find out how to come up with a strong proposal for the same.

Is anyone willing to mentor this project for GSoc-2016?

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@Haritha28 Willing to be primary mentor for this

Saying that, might this be a slight dupe of T120738, another possible GSoC task? (which is more advanced and would easily encapsulate this proposal) @Addshore

In T120478#2081916, @Samtar wrote:

Saying that, might this be a slight dupe of T120738, another possible GSoC task? (which is more advanced and would easily encapsulate this proposal) @Addshore

Thank you for that one @Samtar. Added your name in the task description. If this can be stitched together with T120738, then we should definitely do that and add both of you as mentors :)

Considering we have something solid already in labs ( ) doing the same thing, do you think we have to re-implement the same again ? The current listing is available only for wikis accessible from the tool labs ( are we trying to solve this ? )

Or, is the proposal to build an extension or something like that built in along Meidawiki, which can list out the top contributors for a particular page ?