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Evaluate UX/Design for Performance Inspector
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Work with Peter H/Ori on Performance team to determine heuristic/testing flow for performance inspector.

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@Capt_Swing no updates for a couple months. i'd say can be frozen or closed for now.

@ori is there still a need for this work? I would be working on this now that Daisy is in the Editing team. Please let me know status. Thanks!

@Krinkle @Gilles Do you know what this ticket is about? If so, does Performance still want Design Research help. Thanks!

Design Research would like to remove itself from this ticket.

If we remove Design Research (see above comment to @Gilles) that would mean that no projects would be associated with this ticket. Please help!

I believe that the issue of where the inspector is invoked from is still unresolved, but I don"t know if that's part of what this task was meant to solve. @Peter please comment.

T129322 is for the discussion where/how the inspector should be invoked.

I am reaching out to Daisy to see if she has any documentation from the beginning of the research, and what the research question was, and what point she got to. Will update here when I hear back from her.

Also, after reading T129322 (about where the inspector should be invoked) it looks like it is not really resolved. (To be honest, I read SOME of the discussion on the task.) Is the work blocked on this decision?

I am wondering if the inspector could benefit from a basic heuristic evaluation of the UX? There is a lot of feedback in the ticket from many perspectives, and not only about where to invoke.

It might also be useful to observe some people (the people who the tool was designed and built for) using the inspector, and see what works and doesn't for them. We could ask them their opinions of where it might be invoked and if they need it on mobile, etc.

Removing Design Research project for now. Please feel free to add us back when something for us to do. Thanks!

If we remove Design Research (see above comment to @Gilles) that would mean that no projects would be associated with this ticket. Please help!

Someone needs to clarify if this is still wanted and what this task is about. Following would help.

Hey @aripstra let setup a meeting so we can sync, maybe that is easier.

We need to get an OK where we can place the link to start the inspector, we don't have that today and also checking the usability/look and feel would be great.

You can test out the current version of the inspector on (search for Performance inspector under the Tools menu).

Krinkle renamed this task from Performance Inspector to Evaluate UX/Design for Performance Inspector.Apr 5 2017, 7:32 PM
Peter triaged this task as Medium priority.May 30 2017, 9:42 AM

With the new plans for Performance Inspector, this is moot.