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Show text from Wikidata usage instructions property (P2559) when auto-suggesting properties or items
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As an editor I want to see instructions about how to use a Property when making a new statement or editing an existing one in order to use the Property correctly.
As a data user, I don’t want to see instructions in the description which are only useful to editors

Right now usage instructions are often put into the Property's description because that is the only place that is visible when making a statement. We want to use the data from the "usage instruction" statements instead.




Acceptance criteria:

  • usage instructions from the "usage instruction" statements on the Property are shown when making new statements or editing existing ones on an entity
  • the usage instructions should be shown in the user interface language or one of the fallback languages
  • when no usage instruction statement is available in the user interface language or one of the fallback languages then no usage instructions are shown

Original report:
Per T97566, we need a feature that displays the text in the Wikidata usage instructions property ( when a Wikidata editor gets auto-suggestions for properties or items.

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Lydia_Pintscher lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Dec 22 2016, 6:52 PM

I wonder if it makes sense to put those in the Elastic index. That would allow us to retrieve them along with labels and descriptions, and for the GUI to decide how to display them.

Probably needs to be done in a generic way, e.g.:

  • Config has the list of properties whose values we want to index (may also want P31/P279, for example)
    • Config may also have to define how to treat the values - i.e. just ID, labels, multilanguage value, etc.
  • Search would retrieve all configured extra properties, or only those configured in the query (a-la pageprops)
  • UI would decide what to do with those.

I was wondering if that could happen completely in frontend, we only need those when someone tries to edit and not when someone searches in wikidata.

What I would suggest doing is maybe putting this as a non-indexed field in the index and returning it together with the response. Of course, it could also be done purely client-side but at the cost of one extra round-trip.