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Feedback for European SWAT window
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This task is intended to gather feedback for the first week of European SWAT deploy slot at 13:00 UTC.

This week conductors were @zeljkofilipin and @hashar with lot of help by @Dereckson at least on Monday (thanks for that).

As time allow, please copy paste the following questions template, feel free to skip some and add your own questions:

> What went well?

> What went bad?

> Do you feel confortable doing deploy yourselves?

> Alone, eg without assistance of release engineering

> How confortable are you with the X-Wikimedia-Debug extension and testing on mw1099?

> Is Google Hangouts a plus?

Thank you very much in advance.

Deployed patches


@Mattflaschen-WMF [REQUIRES SCRIPTS] [mediawiki-config] 305670 Set Flow as default for User talk on kabwiki (requires scripts which Matt will run when this is ready to deploy)

[config] 305777 Enable transwiki upload for tcywiki
[config] 305780 Remove old throttle rules

[wmf.15] 305773 Fix unknown constant AS_HOOK_ERROR issue in ProofreadPage (task T143471)
[config] 305573 Restrict local upload on ar.wikipedia (task T142450)
[config] 304938 Enable WikidataPageBanner on ro.wikivoyage (task T142963)

@Addshore [config] 305012 Add Collection render note for articles & rdf2latex

@Amire80 [wmf.15] 305948 Compact Language Links: Apply toLowerCase when reading featured articles (task TT143527)


[config] 305801 Enable T143073 debug log channel
[config] 306015 Remove English for all groups from $wgTranslateBlacklist
[config] 306162 Remove no longer relevant $wgTranslateTasks overrides

@Dereckson [wmf15] 306190 Run LinksDeletionUpdate after commit() in namespaceDupes.php


@Ladsgroup [config] 306419 Increase ORES threshold for enwiki
@MarcoAurelio [config] 305436 Fully disable uploads on mswiki (task T141227)


@KartikMistry @Nikerabbit [wmf.15] [wmf.16] 306654 ext.uls.compactlinks: consistently normalize language codes

Event Timeline

This worked well for Language team, not too late, not too early.

What went well?

Everything went well, at least on my side.

What went bad?

I can't remember anything.

How confortable are you with the X-Wikimedia-Debug extension and testing on mw1099?

On my side (patch owner which request a deployement), it's fairly easy
to use, although I'm not sure what checkboxes should I be enabling so
I end enabling all.

Is Google Hangouts a plus?

No. I'd prefer to stick in #wikimedia-operations as much as
possible. Google hangouts should be optional for the users that want
to do that, but I'm not confortable with an application that doesn't
work if I don't give it access to my camera and microphone, even if
later those accesses ain't required (and if so, they shouldn't be

As a side note, I'd like to thank the SWAT deployers for their work.


What went well?

It went smoothly for the most part originally, and in the end, everything was resolved.

What went bad?

No incorrect deployment steps, but a small unforeseen issue (user talk bot interaction).

Do you feel confortable doing deploy yourselves?

Yes. While having more people around helps, I am confident that I can resolve things on my own if needed (with potential follow up involving others later).

How confortable are you with the X-Wikimedia-Debug extension and testing on mw1099?


Is Google Hangouts a plus?

I've never felt a need for it when deploying. As long as people are monitoring IRC and pinging people as needed, it usually goes smoothly.

hashar claimed this task.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. There is no follow-up action, I was just being curious :]