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Visually report damaging confidence
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the red in my watchlist screams "red alert!" big problem! Lots of likilhood of it being terrible" Wheras my experience so far has been more in a warmer colour (orange, or something), where the change is of need for attention but not screaming at me.

We should set 3 thresholds for color:

  • filter_rate_at_recall(min_recall=0.9): yellow (review for completeness)
  • filter_rate_at_recall(min_recall=0.75): orange (likely to be damaging)
  • recall_at_fpr(max_fpr=0.1): red (almost certainly damaging)

In the case of English Wikipedia's damaging model, this would set the thresholds to (20%, 46%, 94%).

It would be great if we also had some sort of tooltip that read the exact prediction probability like the ScoredRevisions tool. E.g. "85% damaging, 23% goodfaith"


pasted_file (675×1 px, 233 KB)

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@Pginer-WMF is exploring some design concepts for representing confidence in T138935. In this case, he's looking to include a flag widget that would express the confidence. So the simple "r" would be replaced with something that like: [Damaging ••○]

Thanks for making this a phabricator item! Looking forward to the update on how this works!

T143611: Embed machine readable ores scores as data on pages where ORES scores things is not deployed yet but once it's deployed we can simply run fun javascripts to make recent changes more colorful. For example I wrote this:

2 * Created by amir on 10/23/16.
3 */
4( function ( mw, $ ) {
5 'use strict';
6 var colors = {
7 0.40: '#750787',
8 0.50: '#004DFF',
9 0.60: '#008026',
10 0.70: '#FFED00',
11 0.80: '#FF8C00',
12 0.90: '#E40303'
13 }
14 $('li').each( function (){
15 if ( $( this ).children('a').attr('href') ) {
16 var reg = /diff=(\d+)/ig
17 var res = reg.exec( $(this).children('a').attr('href') );
18 if (res && res[1] in mw.config.get('oresData')) {
19 var score = mw.config.get('oresData')[res[1]]['damaging'];
20 var threshold = 0;
21 for ( threshold in colors ) {
22 if ( score > threshold ) {
23 $( this ).css( 'background-color', colors[threshold]);
24 }
25 }
26 }
27 }
28 } )
29}( mediaWiki, jQuery ) );

Which made this:

pasted_file (177×1 px, 60 KB)

Now we should talk about how we can use this in the extension.

Note, we talked about this in the revscoring meeting and we determined that three thresholds should be surfaced through a config variable from

The new threshold will come from recall_at_fpr(max_fpr=0.1).

In the recent iteration on the exploration we are doing to integrate ORES filters and others into Recent Changes (T147632), a flexible highlighting mechanism is provided. Users can define what to highlight and the colors to use. The colors allow for the three common colors used for warnings (red, orange and yellow) and the filters provided allow to target three filtering levels based on different precision/recall values for damaging edits. We also used the list bullet points to clarify the cases where more than one highlighting criteria applies to a given row.

On the testing sessions, the system seems to work well and users appreciate the metaphor of highlighting as they would do in a paper-base document so far. But more details will be shared as @dchen completes the study.

Currently we were not adding any highlight by default, but we can consider doing so if we consider any to be generally relevant for all users of Recent Changes. In any case, filtering settings are expected to be reflected in the URL so it is possible to direct users to the Recent Changes page with a specific set of filters and highlights form a context where those are expected.

Change 318774 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ladsgroup):
Expose ORES damaging thresholds in javascript

Re: the colors, it would be good to have some defaults or recommendations, for color schemes that are accessibility-friendly.
I took a quick attempt, with the filters at (+ checkmark "colorblind safe" and increase the transparency so that text overlaid is highly legible) and produced:

Pau or Volker might have better suggestions on how to find a broader selection - (that map tool only offers 6 colors, if the "colorblind friendly" setting is checked).

Change 318774 merged by jenkins-bot:
Expose ORES damaging thresholds in javascript

Change 320341 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ladsgroup):
Visually report damaging confidence

Change 320341 merged by jenkins-bot:
Visually report damaging confidence