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Community-curated list of quick links
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List of quick links curated by the community.

This is for Quick links defined by the community (in the prototype, those not under "Created by you").

This could include both saved queries and static links (e.g. to other pages).

This covers both defining them (e.g. in JSON) and the UI feature (we can make subtasks as desired later).

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The description is a little abbreviated here. What is the purpose of this task?

Seems like this is about allowing people to define filter-combinations to share with each other.

Yes, that's right. T164128: Allow users to save their filter selections for later reuse is for allowing people to save filter selections for their own reuse, whereas this is about creating selections that are shared wiki-wide.

Mattflaschen-WMF added a subscriber: Etonkovidova.

This isn't a duplicate of T164548: Move links at top of Recent Changes to a Quick Links menu as that was actually implemented.

This is about letting the community define saved queries to share.

I do recall we decided not to do this (at least for now), but I think it's worth considering at some point.

@Etonkovidova and I were discussing, and there's another use case.

Some wikis have custom filtering. E.g. Hebrew Wikipedia highlights certain tags.

These could be done as a community-wide default saved query. That way, people could see in the RCFilters UI which tags were being highlighted, customize, then saved their own personal default saved query (or non-default).