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Use Cognate to link user pages
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Note that this might also be used for the User-namespace on other Wikimedia-projects, thanks to the finalized SUL.

Note user pages in different wikis have different localized names.
Users may be able to opt out (T165916: Allow suppression of cognate links via a magic word )

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Well, my account for example exists at 700+ projects. I'm not sure if it'd be a good idea to have 700+ interwiki links in the sidebar of each of my user pages; or will it only display for locally created pages and therefore not those displaying the content of my Meta-Wiki global user page?

Probably only display locally created pages.

Probably only display locally created pages.

Another problem is @Bencmq 's user pages on most wikis are redirected back to Meta-Wiki, so showing links that are all #REDIRECT [[m:User:Bencmq]] are not nonsense?

They can request deletion of redirects via Synchbot.

matej_suchanek renamed this task from Use Congate to link user pages to Use Cognate to link user pages.Jul 19 2017, 8:14 AM