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Fix vector map visualisations once the user clicks them on an article
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(WARN: Probably duplicated, didn't really get to find out because Phabricator's flow is not really friendly.)

Right now a given user can spot a map in an article (let's say Once the user clicks on it the SVG is displayed with no label on it, making it unusable and not offering the expected behaviour.

Steps to Reproduce
Click on a map inside an article.
Actual Results
No label is displayed over an empty map.
Expected Results
The same labels that appear on the thumbnail.

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Adrpz created this task.Jul 3 2017, 10:14 AM
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I'm not sure this is anything that we can fix as the svg is not using our mapping service.

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I don't think it's related to the maps team as it's all SVGs, not maplink, mapframe, or anything like that. It's certainly Map-Styles. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who to suggest.

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This is because of how location maps on most Wikimedia wikis are built (a static image of a map, with a separate image of the "dot" placed on top of it at the right position). I'm not sure if you're talking about MultimediaViewer (é#/media/File:EspañaLoc.svg) or the plain file page (ñaLoc.svg), but in both cases it's not really possible for the existing software to do anything smarter about this.

For MultimediaViewer, there was an old task about this (T64572), declined as basically impossible.

In the long term, location maps should be replaced by something fancier, which would also allow us to properly display "zoomed in" versions and so on (T120809). For example, see This is not enabled on Spanish Wikipedia yet though; if your community would like to be early adopters, you can probably file a request to enable it here on Phabricator (see You would still need to do some work to convert the current location map system used on the wiki, whatever it is, to kartographer's <mapframe> tags.

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