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Create OOUI widget for Index page pagelists
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(Notes from Wikimania Hackathon.)

The pagelist creation process is difficult for new users, and not particularly fast for experienced users. This adds a new editing widget for it, so it can be more easily edited without resorting to external programmes etc.

Aspects of the required user interface (which will appear in the normal Index page editing form as the 'Pages' field):

  • The normal pagelist view of an inline list of page numbers, colour-coded by proofreading status.
  • The default view is the same as the <pagelist /> tag with no parameters, i.e. 1-n pages with normal numbering.
  • On clicking a number, a thumbnail pops up.
  • Under the thumbnail is a select list of common text labels and a text-input box for numbering.
  • The text labels are e.g. 'title', 'ToC', etc. as well as 'roman' for starting roman numbering (returning to Arabic with 'arabic').
  • The numbering updates when the popup is closed (but it's not saved at this point).

The default initial state is the full pagelist of 1-n, but there is also the option of switching the widget the current text-entry mode. This is required for any Pages field that contains more than just a single pagelist element (e.g. multiple, for different parts of a work; or other wikitext).

Extra features:

  • Each thumbnail can be zoomed into (but doing so crops the image when enlarging, rather than making it take up more space on the page).

Pagelist syntax:

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I've attempted to write this up from our various discussions, but if anyone can improve on it please feel free!

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Very interesting, but consider too that the "hard work" is, to browse carefully the djvu file and to find djvu pages/ book pages ("name" or number) relationship; an opportunity too to find lacking/duobled/unordered scans. This is the hardwork that needs - if possible - both standardization among source projects and simplification (it would be great to standardize the name os special pages).

A very good pagelist is mandatory for next step - building a good book structure.

IMHO both steps could be implemented into Commons book template, just to get a draft Index page.

Perfection in rendering a Book design is a hard/impossible task, I think that a realistic goal could be to get a very simplified structure.

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