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New page: Special:Whois / Special:AboutIP
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There are often templates that link to whois-pages to make access to IP-related information easy. However, there are many, many providers for a whois-service and each one is different (with ads, without ads, different layouts, etc.). If you have a wiki, where anonymous users can make edits which are saved under their IP address, then whois is a basic tool in the wiki, and should imho be provided (perhaps through an extension?).
Pros are: The user doesn't have to leave the site; fair and equal way to resolve this matter; no ugly external links that may require the user to enter Captchas.

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user60194220 wrote:

The given Website at the german wikipedia is not useable without ECMAScript/Javascript please fix that, maybe an solution would be which does that all for us, or randomly links to different whois services.

Somewhat related from the admin tools backlog: "Integrate into Admin Tools, e.g. CheckUser, so that users do not have to use a third party tool" is a PHP library that allows reading from a maxmind database.

Noting here that fundraising has a few extensions still using the default PHP GeoIP library, which I see has been deprecated. We should be considering GeoIP2 as well.

We already have a Special page that exposes a user's IP address information, of course: It's just not very visible information given the HTML:

<!-- visited from -->
<span style='display:none'>visited from</span>

That is irrelevant, as it only shows your own IP to you, and only shows the IP without any additional info.

What do you think this task is proposing? A whois service operated by Wikimedia Foundation Inc.? Or a Special page in a MediaWiki extension or in MediaWiki core that queries other whois services? Or some combination of the two?

It's not clear to me that we want to continue investing resources into a system that uses IP addresses as identifiers for users who are not logged in.

Would be a good solution to the point about different sites being used as mentioned in the task description?

I think so.

But note that from the perspective of the task, that would be considered a workaround, not a solution.

Put another way: read the task as if you are running a non-WMF. Do you want to rely on an external WHOIS website (may it be the one, or any other one) or would you rather have an in-wiki WHOIS functionality? The task is arguing for the latter.

Whoops, I meant to say it was a workaround, not a solution, in my previous message, but yeah, I wouldn't expect a non WMF wiki to use an external site that they didn't choose.

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