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Add the "actor" table to the database layout documentation
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Basically, update once the actor table is officially added. Which could be now, already.

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Please don't randomly assign things to people without discussing it first.

Anyone can edit documentation, feel free to do so.

Oh sorry, I used the "create subtask" function and it just copied the assignment of the parent task, and I missed it.

Sorting the table in alphabetically. I know it is annoying, but it has to be done.

Bad wikitext is bad. This is exceptionally bad wikitext. Someone who thinks that the current unorganised list adds any value to anyone is welcome to try fixing it.

Oh tell me about it! I have dealt with that exact table once in the past (here then here) and can tell you how aweful it is. I think the right solution is to use a Lua module instead.

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I've done the sorting, and fixed a typo

Some people mentioned at T224862 that is outdated (maybe referencing what is canonical may be needed?). Reviewing those subpages should be filed separately or reopen here?

So assuming you don't like the structure of this:

Where is the current database diagram? It's just hard to build queries in Quarry when the revision table doesn't even mention reference to comment table.

The point of the diagram is to have everything in one place and not having to look through documentation of each table separately.

In T188183#5230263, jcrespo wrote:

Some people mentioned at T224862 that is outdated (maybe referencing what is canonical may be needed?).

In T188183#5244326, Zache wrote:

If you are aware of specific things that need updating, please mention these things in a dedicated ticket tagged with MediaWiki-Documentation - thanks a lot! :)

Sure, in July 2019 when i wrote the comments the rev_actor fields werent documented

If that's still the case, please file a separate, dedicated ticket. Thanks.