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blocking user is not updated after rename
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I'm not sure whether that's already been reported or wheter that's normal, but it seems like renaming an account doesn't affect [[Special:BlockList]] special page while other logs are updated though.

See this, for example:

Two administrators from this list have been renamed in april 2009, and we still have their old usernames in there. One of them blocked "", the other one blocked "". Note that the blocklog has been updated, though:

Thank you in advance.

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Relatedly, would need a cleanup script too, to back update users where text != current user text when user table is joined to the user table

The blocked user is updated, but the blocking user is not updated.

We should probably have some place to define what columns RenameUser needs to update in order to rename a user properly. Since we also have to deal with extensions that use usernames too.

Isn't this essentially a duplicate of bug 27873 ? (block entries are just not yet mentioned there).

No, bug 27873 is for entries *while* renaming (when a other using is doing things like restore/delete at the time, the jobs are running), this bug says, that the change is never done.

Is this already fixed? I can find relevant code lines in the extension, though I didn't verify whether it really works.

Which relevant line did you found?

The part for the blocked user already there (ipb_address/ipb_user), but not the blocking sysop (ipb_by_text/ipb_by), see comment 2

@Niharika - Perhaps Anti-Harassment could pick this up, as they'e done a lot of work related to blocking lately.