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Prepare a disaster recovery plan for failing over from phab1001 to phab2001 (or phab2001 to 1001)
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I split this off from T137928: Deploy phabricator to phab2001.codfw.wmnet to unblock that task because it doesn't actually depend on this one being completed.

See T164810: Switch phabricator production to codfw for a high-level outline of the steps. We should document the process more formally (and someplace besides phabricator since it won't be available when phabricator is offline).

Phabricator isn't considered the highest priority of systems to be getting online in the event of a disaster, nonetheless, it should be possible to recover relatively quickly so that we can utilize phabricator when coordinating the recovery of other systems.

Wikitech page for Disaster Recovery plan:

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Consider storing the information on wikitech wiki. Since there is wikitech-static which is a copy of that and kept completely outside normal WMF infratstructure for this very reason, to be available in the event of a disaster.

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note: the steps are a bit different for failing over between data centers vs within a single data center.

From @Dzahn via IRC:

07:48:42	<mutante>	for eqiad/codfw parts of it are all prepared in hiera
07:48:47	<mutante>	and applied per dc
07:49:02	<mutante>	for eqiad we have IPs applied via hostname
07:49:08	<mutante>	for codfw by role
07:49:23	<mutante>	this inconsistency was actually nice for a switch to phab1002 in this case
07:49:35	<mutante>	i could just set other IPs for phab1002 also by host
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