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Wikivoyage should provide non external Nearby articles
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Following T186247 users in hewikivoyage complain that nearby articles is not loaded by default and it is considered as external layer.
Nearby articles is too important layer be external and comes from labs ( )

This is not consistent in wikivoyage sites:

How to reproduce

  1. Get into a page in wikivoyage such as
  2. In the right top corner press the layers button, and select "Nearby articles"

Expected: Nearby articles layer will be added to map
Actual: A warning appear: "External data source: This content is hosted externally, so enabling it shares your data with other sites."
(if it doesn't appear - open it as anonymous or clear the LocalStorage)

Will it be OK if we enable nearby articles layer by default without violating privacy policy?

Technically it is possible to add into MediaWiki:Kartographer.js enabling this layer


We should allow nearby articles to be non external or Wikimedia should provide an "official" internal layer of nearby articles

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I am afraid that I do not understand the problem. :(

The problem in T186247 was NOT that was automatically loading content from . The problem was that it automatically loaded content from which also automatically passed user's data to and and are third party websites, but not

Both and load all of their data from WMF sites (which includes and, as far as I see, do NOT automatically pass any user's data to third-party websites.

What exactly "is considered as external layer" and by who? How exactly is "external layer" related to "automatically loaded"/"automatically disabled"?

Updated the description above with "How to reproduce"

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Needs investigation. Not sure if this counts as a bug or feature request.