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Handle mobile domains in core
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MobileFrontend supports using an alternative domain for the mobile site, but MediaWiki core itself has no concept of it, leading to all kinds of limitations (not possible to cross-link to the other version, interwiki links lead back to the desktop version). There should probably be support in core for mobile domains (or maybe something more generic like domain variants).

T100402: Core should have support for mobile detection and customization

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LinkTarget could gain a new property (isMobile or getDomainVariant or something like that), which would default to the current site type but could be manually flipped when desirable. Getting the server URL / interwiki URL from the canonical one would probably be some sort of hook.

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@Tgr what are the roadblocks for doing this? Do we need an RFC? Which team would be best equipped to make this happen?

@Jdlrobson, @Tgr hello!

We talked about this in today's backlog grooming session and confusion quickly arose. Should this be part of T195473 in some form? Do we want to schedule a technical discussion for how to approach this?

@Tbayer also noted that Wikipedia Zero support (e.g., may have impact on this effort.

These are very different problems/concerns than T195473 given that relates to frontend architecture. This will probably need an RFC to start with. @Tgr would you be interested in drafting one with me?

@Tgr @Jdlrobson Did an RFC happen here? This blocks us from giving Google and other search engines the <link> tags that they need in order to properly index mobile sites.

Nope, an RFC has not been drafted. I'm happy to be a coauthor of an RFC, but given I'm primarily a frontend engineer, I would like some help with the technical PHP side of things and/or support from someone who has experience in writing RFCs.

Besides mobile domains, URL variants could potentially be useful for T210909: Introduce secure mode to MediaWiki as an origin segmentation mechanism (although probably not worth the complexity).

I think this is still an issue.

Specifically, for mobile devices if you have fiddled with the "Desktop" / "Mobile view" setting.

If searching on e.g. Google and navigate to "", then you get the mobile site, and all the (English) interwiki links on the article are relative links and will take you between the ".m" pages. This makes sense.

But as soon as you follow a link to another language wiki, Swedish for example, then suddenly it takes you the non-mobile version, "", without the ".m" prefix.