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Ability to select different editors for mobile web
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Currently, the default mobile editor for Wikipedia mobile skin on the mobile webpage of wikipedia utilize javascript to open, while there's also a no-js version mobile editor.
I really, really, really, really, really, prefer the mobile editor for wikipedia that does not utilize javascript as it can allow the mobile browser that I use to cache what I typed in the editor even after the webpage being swiped out of device RAM.
However, the only way to acquire that editor on the mobile device that I use is to disable javascript globally (as there's no option for individual pages), and I don't want to disable javascript for my entire browser just to use an alternative version of editor tool in mobile wikipedia.
Therefore, could I ask for the addition of the feature that would allow users to switch between different editors in the mobile skin, so that I could use the no-js editor without disabling javascript?

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(Removing project that doesn't seems to be related.)

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@C933103 Thanks for the submission. I'm moving this ticket to Readers-Web-Backlog. We will look into it.

I'm pretty sure there is JavaScript checks in place for user preference of editor. Editing would know best. Instead of being part of mobile web's settings it might also make more sense in the editor itself.

Passing to design to think about. Also pinging @Deskana, @Ignazio and @DLynch as this seems very much related to - some of the editors are better than others depending on circumstances. To provide a concrete example, no-js editor is far superior on a 2G connection at the time of writing from my experience.

Mobile Web offers very few user preferences, and "Give me the non-Javascript editor even though I have Javascript running on my mobile device" is not one of them.

The desktop prefs in have no effect on the mobile site, even if you use to reach that page. When T202921: Re-design the Editing preferences to make it easier to pick the editing environment that you want to use, it might be good to make that limitation clearer.

Sure. What i meant is we use preferences to decide whether to show visual editor or wikitext editor by default. I suspect we could leverage the technique for the mobile editor as well.

Im guessing @Deskana would be product owner here?

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@iamjessklein I feel like this is an important one to look at if you have time.

Should this be renamed from "Ability to select different editors" to "Ability to select different editors for mobile web" or similar?

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This task is possibly related to T240697 when we explore that work we can return to this task.

JTannerWMF renamed this task from Ability to select different editors. to Ability to select different editors for mobile web.Apr 21 2020, 3:19 PM
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This shouldn't depend on no-JS stats. I'd like to use the other editor but am not willing to disable JS, so I wouldn't be counted in those.