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Help panel: allow users to mark the context of their question
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This task is a proposed enhancement to the "Ask a question" feature, whereby users are able to provide more context to their query by optionally marking where their question relates in the page they're editing.

User story

When I am asking a specific question in the midst of editing an article...
...I want to be able to indicate what/where in the page I'm specifically asking about... that I have a greater chance of getting a helpful and accurate answer.

Rationale for this proposal

  • Potentially improves the actionability of questions if experienced editors are better able to understand the context of the question. (Lack of context in comments was one of the main issues in the Article Feedback Tool, and the Moodbar to a lesser extent, per T206714)
  • Reduces effort for the person asking the question can more succinctly point to their their issue without having describe where it is on the page.

General requirements

  • Platform: This feature will eventually need to exist for both desktop and mobile. Desktop should be built and deployed first.
  • Languages: KO and CS (Growth team's target wikis)
  • Target users of the help panel: Determined by business rules defined on T206716
  • Eventlogging: This feature will need to be instrumented with EventLogging for all interactions.

Proposed feature design + requirements

  • Mocks: Invision (clickable) prototype at (Click/Tap on this task in the contents screen to view the relevant mocks)
  • Notes on the design:
    • Allowing user to optionally select the section header to which their query relates is considered a more near-term proposal A
      • The dropdown should automatically populate the with options based on the page's sections headings (up to H3)
      • The dropdown should not be shown if the article contains <2 sections
    • Including a screenshot can be considered a longer-term proposal B for enabling marking in context
      • It is optional to include the screenshot (the checkbox is deselect by default)
      • Highlighting and Blacking out parts of the screenshot may be considered an enhancement off this screenshot proposal
      • TBC where and how screenshots may be stored, and the potentially licensing info required to be shown.

Additional content from T212952

T212952 has been closed as a duplicate so that there is only one task about giving context with a question

In the initial version of the help panel, users will have the option to include the title of the page they're editing with their question. This option will default to on. We may want to include additional context with the message, because responders will find it helpful. Ideas include:

  • The editor being used (wikitext2010, visual editor, mobile VE, etc.)
  • Whether the newcomer has actually saved their edit.
  • Section of the page that the newcomer has clicked to edit.

We can decide what to do here after seeing the initial interactions in the help panel.

Original description from @Trizek-WMF:

I was thinking about how people may reply to newcomers on the help panel.

Imagine that user:Rookie uses VE to edit and ask for help to, let's say, bold a piece of text. On the Help panel, user:Master will have no idea of the editor used and will reply something like "wrap your text with 3 apostrophes". This will not work. Same for a lot of cases, where Master will provide a reply that works for their favorite editor but not on the editor Rookie uses.

The idea is to add an information about the editor used when Rookie has left the message.

Reasons for it:

  • Rookie may not know which editor is used.
  • It shortens Master's time, who can provide an in-context reply instead of having a dialog like "which button have you clicked" and Rookie striggling at replying "Edit".
  • Rookie may have not yet posted any edit, so Master can't guess what is the editor Rookie mostly uses.
  • Master reply will be more qualitative.

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Where do we store the images? On Commons? On a temporary server?

Hi @Trizek_WMF - yes, that is one of the open questions on this task. We wanted to capture the proposal first, and discuss feasibility when and if it's decided this makes sense as a later feature to add.

I was asking just in case you would have already thought about a different solution, but Commons is fine. We already store sreenshots there. If the tools makes the import properly, there is no reason not using it.

MMiller_WMF renamed this task from Help pane: allow users to mark the context of their question to Help panel: allow users to mark the context of their question.Nov 29 2018, 7:18 PM
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We can revisit this if it is determined that this is a major issue for help panel users.