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[EPIC] Growth: help panel iterations
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The help panel was first built in T206711. It was deployed in January 2019 to Czech and Korean Wikipedias, in March 2019 to Vietnamese Wikipedia, and in July 2019 to Arabic Wikipedia. Over the course of the first months of usage, we see about 17% of newcomers opening up the help panel and about 50% of those taking some action once opened. Based on these numbers (and other data and stories), the Growth team has decided that the help panel is a feature with high potential that needs to be iterated upon in order to deliver the help that newcomers need.

[Note: this task needs to link to wiki pages that report on help panel usage and pain points thus far.]

This epic contains tasks that seek to improve the biggest pain points and missed opportunities in the help panel experience:

  • Increase the percentage of users who open the help panel.
  • Increase the percentage of users who click a search result.
  • Increase the percentage of users who start and complete the question-asking workflow.
  • Increase the percentage of users who view the response to the help panel questions.

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I'm surprised that there is no subtask for measuring the impact of translations. The presence and quality of translations is, in my experience, the single most important determinant of the efficacy of documentation.

@Nemo_bis -- thanks for looking over this task! Are you referring to the quality of the help pages that the help panel links to? Or the quality of the text inside the help panel feature itself?

I should also mention that the Growth team has put this work on the backburner in favor of our work on the newcomer tasks project. We're actually going to be evolving the help panel to facilitate guiding newcomers through doing the suggested edits given to them in that project. Here's the epic in which we'll be doing that work: T239181: [EPIC] Growth: Newcomer tasks 1.2 (guidance)

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