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Help panel: understand search behavior
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Our analysis of help panel usage shows that about 15% of users who open up the help panel click into the search bar, and about 12% run a search. Around half of less of those searchers actually end up clicking on a search result:

  • Korean: 55% click a result
  • Czech: 49% click a result
  • Vietnamese: 29% click a result

We expected in T209301 and its subtasks that searches would vary in quality depending on the wiki. We think that the click rates above are low enough that it is worth looking into how to improve them. The first step is to understand what people are searching, and whether they got a result that was helpful.

In this task, we need to work with the Search team to gather data on what phrases are searched so that we can understand better how to get results to match those phrases. It will be important to safeguard the privacy of the searchers as we do this work