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[Design EPIC] Help desk: In-context experience
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Background + Hypothesis

The Growth team will be adding a prompt allowing users to ask for help when they are in the context of editing an article, with the hypothesis that:
(A) Users are more likely to seek help when presented with an easy way to submit their questions; and
(B) Users are more likely to successfully complete an edit by knowing where to seek help.

User job story

When I am editing an article and am unsure about how to proceed...
...I want to get help while I am doing the editing task... that I can confidently complete the edit.

Prep tasks

Proposed design


T210112 - Conduct user testing of initial in-context help UI designs
T210213 - Create copy document for the in-context help UI copy to be reviewed and ready for translation on TWN

Notes from previous conversations with the team around design.
  • At first, we only need to design the desktop experience. We will roll out a mobile experience after looking at the initial results from desktop.
  • How prominent should the call to action be, and where on the page should it be located?
  • How should the call to action be different (if at all) between the visual and wikitext editor experiences?
  • After clicking on the new feature, what options should the user be presented with?
  • Should the user be directed to the help desk, or should they be allowed to type and submit their question right from the editing experience?
  • What should the exact language be inside the feature?
  • Can a user dismiss this feature for good?

Relevant links
  • T197190 - translations of top new users questions on CS and KO Help Desk

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