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Handle unsupported qualifiers
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Decide what to do if there's a qualifier with an unsupported property.

For example - say we're supporting features, color, wears, part, quantity as depicts qualifiers initially, and then we drop support for part but there's data in there already.

ATM this breaks the javascript on the File page. Obvs that shouldn't happen, and needs to be fixed, but what *should* happen?

@Ramsey-WMF @PDrouin-WMF ? Any thoughts?

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...or if someone manages to store qualifiers that the UI doesn't support (e.g. via API)

Potential solutions:

  • disallow submission of properties that the UI does not support (doubt that we want this, plus it would be harder if we do want to make changes later on)
  • simply don't display or allow editing of qualifiers that we don't support in the UI
  • display them, and allow them to be edited, but only have that property in the dropdown if it already existed - don't show any non-standard properties in any of the other properties dropdown
  • ... other ideas?
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Old ticket resolved by work done in the past 5 months.