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Prevent accidental logouts by requiring extra confirmation step before Special:Logout
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@Bluedeck has written a user script at the Chinese Wikipedia that, if enabled, gives editors a second chance to abort the logout process before logging them out. The obvious use case is a misclick (or mis-tap on a mobile device). User:Tsumikiria recently requested that this be available at the English Wikipedia. Perhaps this feature should be available by default to everyone?

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Wouldn't letting people log in again after people accidentally logged out be a slightly less annoying solution than "Are you really sure you wanted to click what you just clicked" dialogs? Logging out is a non-destructive activity that can be reverted by logging in again. No data loss.
Honestly asking as an entire generation’s computing experience is built around clicking ‘OK’ to dialogs that they either don’t read or don't understand.

Hi. I'm the user requested this feature. The reason for my request was because: I largely view and edit Wikipedia in desktop view on mobile browsers, since I can use more functionalities in desktop Watchlist/2017 editor/TW. The problem is, my thumb often slip on the logout link when I meant to click contribs. And since I don't remember my randomly generated passwords - I use password managers for that - I have to take some extra minute or two unlocking the manager app and copying password to the mobile browser. It'd really be convenient to have this script as a optional opt-in gadget. Thanks.

Ah, thanks for the comment! Anyone is free to set up such a gadget or user script if they feel like, sure. :)
We do not track random gadget requests in Phabricator tickets, so I expected this to be a request to be implemented in the MediaWiki core software. does not look very active, hmm.