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Update RC Filters for new ORES capacities (July, 2019)
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There are several new capacities that ORES has that require updates in RC Filters. This is a container task for those updates.

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Hey @Halfak is the expectation the Growth-Team will work on this?

Hey @Halfak is the expectation the

Yes, that's right.

@Halfak could you please clarify which aspects of the RC Filters code need to be updated for the subtasks here? This (parent) task doesn't have much description. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here.

@kostajh, that's a good question. I suspect that @Catrope knows best. The RC Filters code isn't on our product collection so we rely on y'all to maintain it.

This looks like a relevant commit:

It sounds to me like we just need to do the usual threshold configuration, like in the commit Aaron linked. So we just need to do each of the subtasks.