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Help panel: hierarchical analysis
Open, NormalPublicFri, Aug 23


Now that we have developed a hierarchical method to analyze experiments across wikis, we want to use it to analyze the help panel experiments, using data from Czech, Korean, and Vietnamese Wikipedias. The main metrics we want to look at are:

  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Edit count/volume

A nice-to-have metric would be "non-reverted edits", or some other version of measuring productive edits.


Due Date
Fri, Aug 23, 7:00 AM

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I've completed gathering data for this analysis using the 2019-06 MediaWiki history snapshot. Moving it to "In Progress" as I'll start doing the actual analysis.

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@nettrom_WMF -- per our conversation, I've added "edit count/volume" as one of the KPIs we want to look at, in addition to activation and retention. I also added "non-reverted edits" as a something that would be interesting, but not a high priority.

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Analysis piece is done, next up is reporting & sharing with stakeholder

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We have a set of slides for sharing this with stakeholders, reassigning to @MMiller_WMF for review.