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[EPIC] User Testing Outcomes
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Let's link out to all bugs, outcomes, and implementation fixes related to V2 here.


  • T228227 in QA
  • T228229 in Code Review
    • Context: "...After changing the target of an existing link, you go back to the updated card. However, it does not feel as going back, since the card is not there for an instant and opens after a fraction of a second.


  • T228232 Stalled
  • T227899 in QA
  • decide if "remove link" button is obvious
  • Add instructions to wiki and external link search T229877
  • T228230 Depends on "✔️" first being removed from Toolbar
  • Revise "?" icon for red links (Wikipedia pages that do not yet exist)
  • Make sure undo button is always accessible
  • Add "globe" icon to external link search
  • Autocomplete external site inputs with correct preface T229839
  • Create simplified error messages
  • Improve search with table of contents, search bar or some other design fix

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I just added a few outcomes from the tests

Add "globe" icon to external link search

FYI we currently use the box-arrow icon to mean "external link" both inline, and in the input (see below).
The inline one is part of the core read-styles so can't be changed, so are we ok with introducing this inconsistency in the icon we use for "external link"?


image.png (43×109 px, 2 KB)

image.png (180×383 px, 12 KB)

ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)

T228232 Add thumbnail image to link card
T228233 Add article description to link card

These are server config issues on the prototype server, so certainly not blockers. Unless we are doing more user testing on edit cards on that server soon they aren't priority either.

I've merged these into one task: T228232: Edit Cards: Configure thumbnail images and descriptions for link cards on prototype server